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CEGA Innovation – Safe Patient Transfer

DRACO Partners with Local Biotechnology Company to Improve Patient Health

Project Deliverables and Outcomes

Proposal Writing

Inspired by CEGA’s REMUV patient transfer system, DRACO is seeking to preform a first-of-its-kind study to determine the effects of patient transfer and manipulation on the hemodynamic stability of patients undergoing cardiothoracic surgery.

Project Management

In this proposed study, DRACO is seeking to coordinate the roles and responsibilities of our partnering organizations to carry out this collaborative study. This commercialization-focused study looks to utilize the expertise of medical students from the USD Sanford School of Medicine, certified registered nurse anesthetists students from Mount Marty College, and physicians from Avera Heart Hospital.

Clinically-Focused Study Design

DRACO is working with Avera Heart Hospital in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to design and carry out this first-of-its-kind study. We aim to collect and analyze patient vital signs immediately before, during, after a manipulation or transfer to understand the effects on patient health. The results will be published in a leading journal and CEGA will be able to use them to directly impact their marketing strategy.


Project Summary

The founders of CEGA recognize that there are several inherent medical risks involved when transferring a patient from the operating table to the recovery bed, post-surgery.  Their solution to mitigating these risks, the reMuV “no touch” air transfer system. This innovative system allows health care professionals to safely transport patients with minimal disturbance and the goal of reducing potential health risks.  Additionally, the reMuV system dramatically reduces the physical strain placed on health care professionals who are responsible for repetitively moving these patients.



DRACO is proud to provide our services to  CEGA  to help promote their innovative product line, such as the reMuV system.

Project Team

Project Manager – Thomas Vierhout


Data Analysis – Eric Sandhurst

Data Analysis – Jevin Meyerink