Dakota Research And Consulting Organization

Where the science of business meets the business of science.


Who are we?

Dakota Research And Consulting Organisation (DRACO) is a South Dakota-based, non-profit advising organization providing cost-effective services to entrepreneurs and start-up companies.

We formulate and facilitate management teams composed of multidisciplinary industry professionals, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), practiced advisors, and student professionals that work collaboratively to accomplish client-driven project goals.

- Our Process -

  1. Initial Consultation & Identifying Your Goals

     We offer a suite of services, including; assistance with grant and proposal writing, market research and analysis, technology assessment, product design and prototyping, new venture creation and preliminary business model development, early-stage manufacturing, technical report writing, project management, student mentoring, and many more customized services aimed at helping accomplish your goals. 


  2. Assessment & Team Formulation

    Once the project and objectives are identified, we form a specialized team of interdisciplinary graduate/undergraduate student members, industry partners, and SME/KOL advisors. Experienced DRACO members coordinate the team alongside additional experts and source personnel needed to ensure that we accomplish the set objectives.

    In addition to working on these projects, DRACO members have access to technical and professional building workshops, subsidized registration to business and academic conferences, enrollment in online training options, and tailored professional development opportunities to add to their personal portfolio.


  3. Impact & Growth

    DRACO strives to create a collaborative environment where students and clients or project sponsors are able to benefit from each other’s input. DRACO team members are highly motivated and actively seek opportunities to exercise their skills and gain valuable experience in the process. By working with DRACO, clients and project sponsors have the opportunity to connect with these skilled student members and student members are able to work on impactful, real-world projects.

    Success Stories