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Technology and Business Development

Early-Stage Companies

  • We specialize in working with early-stage biotech and entrepreneurial startup companies to fulfill their goals, serving as an external partner and workforce development pipeline.
  • By working with a DRACO team, young companies have the opportunity to engage with highly capable and driven students, many of which are looking for future employment opportunities.


Academic Researchers and Technology Transfer Offices

  • We work with academic researchers and inventors alongside their university technology transfer office to determine the best path forward for all stakeholders.
  • Our goal is to be a collaborative resource in the development process.
    • If you are a researcher, are you interested in creating a startup company around your invention?
    • Are you interested in submitting the invention disclosure to the technology transfer office and continuing your research?
    • Do you have a graduate student interested in the commercialization of your technology?
  • Not only do we have experience with these scenarios, but we are eager to begin working with you to navigate through these transitions!

Workforce Development

Students with an Entrepreneurial Drive

  • We actively partner with outgoing students to provide unique professional development opportunities.
  • DRACO seeks to supplement their experience in the lab and the classroom by offering project-based learning experiences that set them apart from their peers.

Whether it’s strategic planning for a startup company, gaining multidisciplinary team experience, engaging in customer discovery activities, conducting market analysis, or presenting deliverables to a client, being a member of a DRACO team provides a variety of opportunities that build upon a student’s current skillset and help prepare them for a professional career.

  • Our student teams often work remotely and communicate via Slack for daily communication and weekly Zoom meetings.
  • We understand that the life of an undergraduate or a graduate student is very busy, that’s why we let our members select realistic tasks that they can complete on their own schedule.
  • Most projects require 5-10 hours per week and lead to valuable professional connections, skill-building, peer-reviewed publications, and engaging experiences that set them apart from their peers.