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Proposal Writing

We have secured more than $150,000 in awards for our clients.

DRACO provides grant writing and grant-source research for entrepreneurs, start-up technologies, select businesses, public agencies, and nonprofit organizations throughout South Dakota and the surrounding areas.

Our team members begin by becoming familiar with your requirements and objectives, identifying potential sources of funding, and finally providing the services needed to progress towards those goals.

We understand how important grant funding is to your organization and we strive to aid in identifying strategic funding opportunities that support early-stage prototype design, research, and product development for emerging and applied technologies.

Successfully Funded Proposals To-Date

February 2018 – NSF I-Corps – $50,000 for READS technology

October 2018 – South Dakota i6 Bioscience Commercialization Alliance – $25,000 for The Rehab Academy

September 2019 – South Dakota i6 Bioscience Commercialization Alliance – $25,000 for CellField Technologies

June 2020 – NSF I-Corps – $50,000 for Cell Field Technologies’ CellWell Platform