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DRACO Welcomes New Team Member, Ty Vuong

Get To Know Ty

What will you do for DRACO Catalyst?

In a world of mass emails, Facebook posts, and Youtube videos, I strongly believe there is nothing that can replace individual touch. That’s why I will be connecting with South Dakotans on an individual-basis and cultivating business relationships to build stronger entrepreneurs and a stronger local entrepreneurship community. My goal is to enhance individuality and uniqueness within each individual interaction. 

What are you most excited about?

I am excited to help people, but I am also excited by the fact that there exists an opportunity like this [DRACO Catalyst], which will allow me to form genuine connections with those I help. There are people who may feel overlooked and I will have the opportunity to help equip them with the right resources for success.  

What do you hope to learn?

I am interested in what I like to call “Snapple Facts,” which are facts that stay with people for years. This means learning about people, their success stories, and their lives. 

More generally, I hope to learn anything and everything. I do not have much experience in entrepreneurship so the skills and knowledge I acquire during my time with DRACO will be useful. 

What do you do in your free time?

My wife, Dana, and I like to hangout, run, bike, hike, play board games and card games, and go camping.